Teach 3 line dance classes are going real well, we will finish up our 3rd month next Tuesday the 25th with review dances being taught that night.
Thanks to all who keep coming back for more, I'm happy to say the least amount in the class thus far was 10, the most in one night was 22, YEAH!!! Would love to have the parish hall packed every Tuesday night with people dancing from their hearts.

Line Dancing is great for your Body, Mind and Spirit, please come give it a try. Everyone can learn to line dance with a little patience with self and repeat visits to the class. As I tell all student dancers you got to keep coming back to truly learn the basics of line dancing and the fun of being on dance floor dancing to your favorite tune and doing a great line dance. This is all the bonuses of line dancing for exercise Fun, improved energy level, Fun, lifts the spirit, Fun, and you feel great.

Tuesday August 25th class at 6:30.
Warm ups & Basics-------------------------Gwen
Review 2 dances---------------------------Gwen

September dances with be repeats from dances taught in June, July & August, please let me know your favorites and those you would prefer not to do again. All feedback is welcome. The classes will be a regular teach class we are just going to do repeat dances to get them all down better. Thanks everyone.

Gwen Walker
Dance From the Heart

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